If it’s a day that ends in “y,” there’s a dark, tangled tale of Balkan history awaiting you. I’m slowly dipping my toe into the waters of Balkan history, and so far, it’s fascinating. From Queen Marie of Romania to her daughter, Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, I’m following tiaras all around the Balkan peninsula because the stories are too powerful to miss. Note to self: if you ever end up in an alternate dimension that lets you do college over again, do not drop the Balkan history class just because it requires you to read one book a week. Sack up and learn already.

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5 Types of Kokoshnik Tiaras

There’s a surprising variety of design possibilities for kokoshnik tiaras. Here are 5 drool-worthy examples and their stories. Let’s take a look at tiaras belonging to Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden, the Duke of Westminster, Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (Ella), and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia.

Vector graphic of a golden tiara with pearls

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