Would it be a cliche to bring up Churchill’s famous description of Russia as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma? Too bad. I’m doing it anyway. The more I learn about Russia, the more I realize I know so little about it. But its history has fascinated me since sixth grade…at least I think that’s when I got my hands on Anastasia by Peter Kurth. I’ve never looked back since.

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Irina Yusupova vs. MGM

What does it cost to blur the line between truth and fiction? A lot, as MGM found out. This is the story of a movie and a libel lawsuit – maybe the only one ever won with a murder confession. Its star? Princess Irina Yusupova. Find out what this quiet, soft-spoken woman did that had her lawyer later calling her “an advocate’s dream.”

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The Grand Dukes: Source Report

Chapters on each of the 33 Russian grand dukes! What’s not to enjoy? From Grand Duke Alexei’s American buffalo hunt to Olga Pistolkors’s Gossip Girl-style manipulations, let’s dig in. Read more in this post, available exclusively for Patreon supporters.

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5 Types of Kokoshnik Tiaras

There’s a surprising variety of design possibilities for kokoshnik tiaras. Here are 5 drool-worthy examples and their stories. Let’s take a look at tiaras belonging to Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden, the Duke of Westminster, Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (Ella), and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia.

Vector graphic of a golden tiara with pearls

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