As the saying goes, “Shit happens.” It’s really shitty when tiaras get stolen. If I hear about a theft, I’ll blog about it and put it here. This all started, of course, when Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden’s tiara went missing in April of 2017. After learning about Hilda, I came across lots of other stolen tiaras and jewels, many in the context of post-World War I chaos. Here’s what I’ve written about jewel and tiara theft so far.

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Tiaras in the News: 2019

It’s not often that tiaras make international headlines. There’s something special about 2019. From the Swedish burial regalia theft to the Portland tiara to the two spectacular Fabergé tiaras up for auction this May, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s dive in.

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Who Stole Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden’s Tiara?

In 2017, a thief walked away with a tiara worth $1.2 million. I bet they didn’t even know who Hilda was. I sure didn’t, but the news sent me on a quest to find out everything I could. I’m still going, but you wouldn’t believe the amazing, sad, and heartbreaking stories I’ve uncovered about Hilda and her family in the meantime.

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